The Electric Arc Technology Development

The Electric Arc Technology Development

OSCAR PLT develops electric arc, plasma and laser technologies for the purpose of welding and cutting, as well as for deposition welding and generative manufacturing. Our team of experts are constantly developing innovative electric arc and plasma products, such as the Kjellberg Finsterwalde Group. New laser processing heads for material processing is another development area.

If you would like to test these technologies on your specific production tasks, we eagerly undertake feasibility studies of your specific welding tasks. In this manner, we give you the opportunity to use our tomorrow’s developments already today, as a solution to your tasks.

Technology Development for the Future

The task and business goal of OSCAR PLT is developing internationally leading products. As technical products and technologies increasingly continue to get more complex, higher demands are placed on interdisciplinary research and development. To ensure the required competencies are held and to anticipate customer needs, OSCAR PLT always maintains and expands its cooperation with research institutes and industrial partners.

With the state-of-the-art equipment, scientific methods and innovative power of our technology startup, we happily take on the responsibility of leading and coordinating collaborative projects, which will serve the technology development of the future.