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Thermal Separation from 0.1 to 150 mm

In plasma cutting, the material is locally melted by means of an extremely focused plasma jet that is up to 30,000 K hot and moves at several 1000 m/s. This process results in casting out the material to form a kerf. Kjellberg Finsterwalde has already realized process optimally: The plant technology achieves the highest productivity and accomplishes cutting edges of 1 to 150 mm thick plates. The
outcome is very similar to laser cutting and nearly needs no post processing. The Laser beam cutting is a thermal separation process by means of a laser beam. It can be used for electrically conductive and non-conductive, as well as flammable and non-flammable materials. This method is specifically used when complex contours need to be cut precisely and quickly, preferably in the lower plate thickness range of up to 10 mm, and with particularly high-quality requirements (shape deviations in the contour area).