Component-specific Gas-Shield-Systems – additive manufactured trailing shields
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Component-specific Gas-Shield-Systems – additive manufactured trailing shields

A high-quality gas cover is very important for welding processes, not only in the process area but also in the hot temperature fields on the workpiece.
Through the use of additive manufacturing processes, complex gas protection systems can be manufactured individually for each component and in individual production at low cost.

Our patented gas protection systems extend the application possibilities and the potential of our modern welding torches as well as conventional processes in your production environment.

Whether manually or automatically welded – the individual trailing shields can be adapted to all welding torches and complex shaped components. Depending on the application, a large variety of materials are available.

Despite their individual design, all nozzles have one thing in common – optimum gas protection. For the design of the flow concept and for the verification of the gas protection quality, various methods of flow analysis were combined.

The perfect integration into any automation environment is demonstrated using the Kjellberg TIG-high-performance process InFocus as an example. An optional collision shut-off integrated in the holder protects your trailing shield and the welding torch.