Welding Torch as a Technology Carrier

Welding Torch as a Technology Carrier

We are a research company specialized in automated welding processes using laser and plasma arc technologies. The main focus of our business is on high-performance TIG welding technologies for iron and non-ferrous metals, and aluminum. Our torch-developments support the InFocus and ARCLINE® PP high-performance technologies. The se torches stand for highest quality, productivity and robustness.

Component-specific Gas-Shield-Systems in 3D-metal-printing

A high-quality gas cover is very important for welding processes, not only in the process area but also in the hot temperature fields on the workpiece.
Through the use of additive manufacturing processes, complex gas protection systems can be manufactured individually for each component and in individual production at low cost.

Our patented gas protection systems extend the application possibilities and the potential of our modern welding torches as well as conventional processes in your production environment.