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InFocus Pluspole means next generation in aluminium welding. The TIG process (DC-EP) operated in the plus pole exclusively and enables the high productivity of MIG welding with the usual seam quality of TIG welding. The aluminium surface is continuously cleaned from the disturbing oxide layer by the cathodic arc attachment. The extreme load capacity of the torch and its electrodes with up to 450A (100%ED) enable single-layer welding of sheet thicknesses up to 8 mm without the need for weld seam preparation. The clean saw cut is sufficient.



The high-performance tool for your welding production:

  • Absolutely stable, energetically highly concentrated arc
  • Robust torch with high concentric 2-gas system

Comparison to conventional TIG aluminium welding:

  • Positive electrode mode without change of polarity
  • Potential for saving helium
  • Increase in productivity and reduction of total heat input
  • Improved aspect ratio (weld depth to weld width)
  • Reduced emissions – less smoke and debris in your shop floor
  • Narrower heat-affected zone, less distortion
  • Faster, defined electrode change – no grinding, adjustment effort

We support you!

  • Technological analysis of your welding task
  • Welding tests in our laboratory environment or in your production plant
  • Metallographic analyses (macro sections, REM / EDX)
  • Process diagnostics, (high-speed video analyses with synchronic process data recording)

Technical Details

  • Max. welding current 500 A
  • Welding current at 100 % duty cycle 450 A (focusing gas VARIGON S)
  • Shielding gas Ar
  • Ignition High-frequency ignition
  • Torch cooling Coolant KJELLFROST
  • Clamping diameter 44 mm
  • Weight, without lead 0.7 kg

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