Flow Analysis

Flow Analysis

Fluid flow significantly determine cutting and welding processes. When cutting, the quality of the cutting free water jet is decisive for the cutting outcome. While welding, the quality of the shielding gas flow determines welding seam irregularities, such as pores, tempering colours, as well as the flow tendency and properties of the molten metal. Therefore, at OSCAR PLT, we use efficient flow visualisation methods for designing welding heads, and optimizing process, as well. The test benches are designed for mobile applications. Therefore, they can be used in the manufacturing environment at the customer’s premises or at the partner’s test stations. The following methods are offered: streak measurement is an established method of flow analysis. Further developments in the field of illumination, optical design and camera technology enable us today to take images of great quality. To compress information, statistical information is generated from image sequences in the post-processing stage, and the structures in the images are purposefully withdrawn from mean values. Our expertise ensures the analysis results, from the measurement setup to evaluation and discussion of results. The oxygen measurement is used in the spatially resolved determination of the shielding gas cover and is particularly relevant in qualifying welding torches and laser processing heads. In contrast to the streak measurement, it enables quantitative results via a measuring surface (2D plot) or the radius (line scan) of the shielding gas nozzle. In principle, this method is applicable with or without electric arc.

Process Analysis

High-Speed Measurement, Laser Illumination and Data Collection

The operations of arc, plasma and laser materialprocessing are characterised by high dynamics and partly high radiationemission. To be able to technically penetrate and furtherdevelop the processes and occurring instabilities, it is necessary to be ableto visualise and analyze them in high resolution and precision, time-wise andspatially. Our research facility has a measuring system consisting of ahigh-speed camera with 3600 fps @ 1 MPix / s as well as synchronized systemsfor laser illumination and (200 kHz or 1 MHz) data collection. Use ourcompetence or technical possibilities in the context of technology cooperationor directly in the context of targeted measurement campaigns at your company.


Reflected LightMicroscopy or REM/EDX Analysis in nly 2 to 5 Days

Metallography is a branch of destructive materialtesting. It is used to analyse the composition of the material as well as themacroscopic and microscopic structure of metallic materials of soldered andwelded joints as well as thermally applied layers, using prepared macro andmicro sections.

At OSCAR PLT, we offer metallographic services from sample preparation to reflection light microscopy or REM / EDX analysis, at low cost and within 2 to 5 working days.


Weiterentwicklung von Strömungsgeometrien: Further Developmentof Flow Geometries

As part of our development co-operations, we can retrace and further develop experimental investigations and flow analyses by means of a numerical model for you. In the models, among other things, the effects of turbulent and diffusive mixing of the arc (MHD model) or the particle-fluid interaction can be considered. We usually ensure the numerical results by flow analyses.