Trailing Gas Nozzles

Individual shielding gas systems- additively manufactured trailing gas nozzles

The perfect weld seam- high strength, optically and metallurgically flawless, efficient in execution, no rework! To achieve this goal, high-quality gas shielding is necessary- not only in the process area but also for the trailing temperature field in the workpiece.

For many welding applications, especially on very oxidation-sensitive materials such as highalloy steels or titanium, trailing gas nozzles are used for trailing gas shielding. Due to the large variety of different welding torches on a wide range of component geometries, in-house solutions are often used in practice. These are not always optimal in terms of gas protection and are often very expensive for welding operations with regard to their iterative development. Additive manufacturing processes open up completely new possibilities for the design of trailing gas nozzles. Therefore, trailing gas nozzles can be individually designed for the respective welding task.

Despite the individual design, all nozzles however have one thing in common- the optimal gas shield. To design the flow concept and verify the quality of the gas shield, different methods of flow analysis were combined.

Regardless of whether welded by hand or automatically- the individual gas nozzles are adaptable for all welding torches and complex shaped components. For cost-effective single-part production, a wide range of materials is available, depending on the application.

The perfect integration into any automation environment is demonstrated by the example of the Kjellberg TIG high performance process InFocus. An optional collision shutdown integrated into the holder protects your nozzle and the welding torch.



  • Optimum gas protection for perfect weld seams
  • ideal without rework
  • Almost any nozzle shape through 3D printing
  • Nozzles perfectly adapted to your components and your welding tasks
  • for all hand and machine torches
  • extremely resilient

    Our Offer

    • Supplying individual trailing gas nozzles
    • Analysing your welding tasks considering the optimum gas shield
    • Determining the area of the component to be shielded
    • Carrying out nozzle design and structural integration
    • Accompanying commissioning in your production

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