3D shaping with different materials

3D generation or additive manufacturing has the potential to revolutionize the design rules and manufacturing processes which have been in practice so far. The rules and processes enable generating components with completely new design, functionality, materials, material composites and customization. We deal with generative manufacturing by means of laser metal deposition. In contrast to the powder bed-based generative technologies, laser metal deposition allows “real 3D shaping” in different spatial directions of the component’s coordinate system by swiveling and rotating the process head or the workpiece. At the same time, significantly higher build-up rates can be achieved, partly even with different materials on one component.

The videos of this process can also be found on YouTube:

The information about the ProFocus laser system can be found in our flyer.



  • Beam generation and optical device in one head
  • 6 separately controllable single beams
  • Direction- independent
  • Easy switch between wire process and powder process
  • integrated process monitoring and control
  • doubling of deposition rate due to switchable wire preheating (hot wire)
  • high powder utilization
  • brilliant shielding gas coverage
  • easy integration into robot and CNC systems

Technical Details

  • Laser power 1 kW
  • Spot Ø 1 mm
  • Dimensions Ø 195 mm x 360 mm
  • Weight 13 kg
  • Welding wire Ø 0,8 – 1,2 mm
  • Deposition rate up to 1 kg/h
  • Powder fraction 45 – 150 µm
  • Powder utilization ca. 85%

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