Additive – Publications

  • Frank Silze, Nils Brocke, Michael Schnick: Concept of a coaxial direct diode laser head- Structure and applications. Materials Week. Dresden. 18.09.2019
  • Markus Bambach, Irina Sizova, Frank Silze, Michael Schnick: Hot workability and microstructure evolution of the nickel-based superalloy Inconel 718 produced by laser metal deposition. Journal of Alloys and Compounds 740 (2018) 278-287
  • V.Hohenaecker, H.Freiße, C.Thomy, N.Brocke, M.Schnick: Camera-based Process Monitoring for Quality Assurance in Laser Powder Deposition Welding. LASER (Publisher b-Quadrat). Filed on 16.03.2018
  • Michael Schnick, Frank Silze, Nils Brocke, Johannes Volpp, Victor Hohenäcker, Dieter Tyralla und Claus Thomy: Coaxial Direct Diode Laser with Temperature Field Monitoring for 3D Printing. User Forum Additive Manufacturing, Bremen 23.11.2017
  • Michael Schnick, Frank Silze, Nils Brocke: Additive manufacturing by means of plasma and laser deposition welding. 15th Cottbus Lightweight Construction Workshop, Cottbus 25.10.2017
  • H.Freisse, H. Köhler, C. Thomy, F. Vollertsen, N. Brocke, M. Schnchn: Process Monitoring System for a Novel Direct-Radiating Diode Laser with Coaxial Beam Guidance. Welding and Cutting Reports 68 (2016) Issue 6 S61 + S62
  • N.Brocke, M. Schnick, R. Jüngling, V. Krink: 3D Laser powder deposition welding with a coaxial configuration of a diode laser and a central powder feeding: 68rd Annual Assembly & International Conference of the IIW, Commission XII Arc Welding Processes and Production Systems, IIW Doc. XII-2249-15/IV-1249-15/212-1400-15/I-1240-15, 28th June – 3rd July 2015, Helsinki, 2015

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