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Expanding the broad impact of additive manufacturing

Innovative materials, systems and processes by overcoming process limits in additive manufacturing – coaxial direct diode laser (BMBF funding code 03ZZ0210A, funding period 01.05.2017 – 30.04.2020).

As part of the Agent3D consortium (an initiative of the BMBF’s Twenty20 funding program), OSCAR PLT is participating in the IMPROVE technology network project (Innovative Materials, systems and Processes by Overcoming Process Boundaries in Additive Manufacturing). We mainly focus on the further development of the coaxial direct diode laser head. Furthermore, the combination of conventional manufacturing steps and laser metal deposition is expected to enable the production of components with the functionality of additive manufacturing, and while it reduces costs at the same time, it will significantly expand the broad impact of additive manufacturing.

Development of a novel temperature field measurement system

Process monitoring system for a new type of direct-beam diode laser with coaxial beam guidance (ZIM funding code ZF4124701DF5, funding period 01.03.2016 – 30.09.2017)

The aim of the project is the developing and testing a new non-axial and low-cost temperature field measurement system for monitoring and documenting the process for laser powder welding and for the coaxial laser processing head from Oscar PLT. As part of the project, the optical devices will be integrated into the processing head and various options for temperature field measurement will be compared and evaluation algorithms will be developed. The project is carried out jointly with the Bremen Institute for Applied Beam Technology (BIAS).


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